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OHV Division Deputy Director Greene Needs Your Help!

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Recently Governor Brown’s office notified the Deputy Director of the Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division (OHMVR) of State Parks, Daphne Greene, that her appointed term would end as of January 1, 2012. Director Greene, a democrat who has served under both the Davis and Schwarzenegger administrations, has been a strong ally for the OHV community. Nonetheless she has also brought a much needed balance to and long term vision for the OHV program. To remove her now from this important position would be a mistake.

Perhaps most significantly, in 2009, after intensive interaction and involvement from all communities of interest, under her guidance and leadership, the OHV Division submitted their Strategic Plan to the Governor and the Legislature. This plan, which outlined a clear direction for the future, is based on the principles of sustainability, transparent decision-making, a commitment to working with volunteers and consideration of the needs and concerns of all affected stakeholders. All eight State Vehicle Recreation Areas (SVRA’s) have seen notable improvements in facilities, maintenance, resource management, as well as increased environmental protections under Director Greene’s watch.

Riders, law enforcement and agency personnel statewide have been contacting the Governor’s office requesting he reconsider this decision. Removing Director Greene simply because she was appointed by the previous administration is a mistake.

The Governor’s office needs to hear from all of us!!
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