Photos by Lina Baker @seeyouringside
Photos by Cecy Sulaiman, Ray Navarrete and Valentin Romero
(June 19, 2018 – Los Angeles, CA) – The 4th Annual Green Belt Challenge hosted by the World Boxing Council, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, U.P.A.C. and USA Boxing was a complete success! With hundreds of boxers, and thousands attending over this three day show, The Green Belt Challenge has become one of the biggest shows in the United States. There were boxers competing from all over the U.S. including Georgia, New York, Texas, Massachussets, Arizona and even Tahiti! This completely free show for all boxers and their families, provide a healthy, fun and positive atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. World Champions and prospects stopped by to enjoy the three day show including, Leo Santacruz, Lucas Matthysse, Israel Vazquez, Mia St. John, Mariana “La Barby” Juarez, Sindy Amador, Aaron McKenna, Chango Carmona, Jose Armando Santacruz, Jose Balderas, Jousce Gonzalez, Joet Gonzalez, Oscar Negrete, Daniel Franco and many more!
The 4th Annual Green Belt Challenge had two ELITE bouts this year which were a huge hit on the last day as Iyana “ROXY” Verduzco faced Merari Vivar and Ezequiel Matthysse faced Jerry Bradford. It was two competitive and exciting fights, the venue was completely at capacity for these two great bouts.


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