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By David Hopper –

David Hopper of 8CN caught up with Boxing 360’s junior middleweight/middleweight prospect KeAndrae Leatherwood (11-1-1, 8 KOs). The 24-year-old will fight a to be determined opponent Dec. 8 at the Benton Convention Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

DH: Tell me about yourself.

KL: My name is KeAndrae Leatherwood. I fight at 160 pounds. I’m 11-1-1 with 8 KOs. I’m signed with Boxing 360. They’re doing great things for me right now. I should be back in the ring soon, very soon.

DH: I read that you’re supposed to fight December 8. Is that right?

KL: Yeah, that’s right. But my promoter is actually trying to get me in the ring before then. And then we’re going to also do the 8th.

DH: I saw you were listed at 154. Are you moving up to 160?

KL: I bounce in between. I’m just looking for the big fights at either junior middleweight or middleweight. I can actually still get down right now but in the next year or so I’m going to have to move up. Continue Reading…

Mario Serrano
Publicist – Boxing 360



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