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By Lyle Fitzsimmons –

Lyle Fitzsimmons: Assess Berto as a fighter. What in particular does he do – good or bad – that you notice when you see him live or on video? Is he especially similar to or reminiscent of anyone you’ve fought?

Robert Guerrero: Berto has fast hands and he’s an explosive puncher. He does have some flaws though that I’m not going to talk about because I don’t want to give up my game plan. I can’t think of any fighters that I’ve fought in the past that are similar resemble Berto because he’s a bigger guy and this is my second fight at welterweight. That being said I don’t think he’s been in the ring with someone like me either.

LF: He tested positive before his last fight, which automatically makes people wonder if he’d been using something for much of his career, and only recently got caught. What is your view? Does it concern you at all? Is it a psychological advantage to be his first opponent after his failed test?

RG: There’s always a concern when you’re fighting someone who’s tested positive for steroid as Berto has but USADA is going to be testing both of us, and I personally got word from California State Athletic that they are going to step up the testing as well. So if he’s going to cheat, he’ll get caught, but I don’t think he’s going to risk ruining his career. I’m not worried about it at all. As far as the psychological advantage, all I can say is I’m always ready to go and he’s going to have to deal with a fighter that’s going to be motivated for other reasons, not the fact that he’s going to be coming of a failed drug test.

LF: You’ve had one welterweight fight after a career at 135 or below. How much different did punches from a 147-pounder feel? Any different than you’d expected? How do you think Berto compares to Aydin as a puncher and an overall fighter? Is he a significantly bigger challenge? Continue Reading…

Mario Serrano
Publicist – Team Guerrero



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